Natural Stone Veneers (Why choose Natural Stone Veneer?)

With over 36 styles to choose from, King Quarry offers natural stone veneer in colors and blends that will match your décor and compliment your projects. Whether it’s a Thin Veneer or a custom cut thickness, King Quarry will satisfy your requests.

Thin Veneer is sawn approximately 1-1/4” thick and weighs approximately 13 – 17 pounds per square foot. Thin Veneer provides a natural stone appearance while improving construction efficiency and costs. Weighing up to 6 times less than a conventional full stone, thin veneer often times does not require a brick ledge or additional footings.

King Quarry also cuts custom thickness veneer or what we call Dimensional Veneer. Dimensional Veneer is thicker than the industry standard Thin Veneer and provides an alluring full dimension stone appearance. Dimensional Veneer is cut to a 2-1/2” thickness or thicker as requested. Our stone veneer can be cut to any thickness with stone face sizes that range up to 16+”, a size not commonly found in the industry.