Starters & Trimmers

Would you like to cut costs on your next stone project? King Quarry is always looking for options that can help the stone installer save money. By offering pre-cut straight edged stone for starter rows and trimmers, the installer:

  • Doesn’t need to use power saws that are loud, smelly and create tons of dust.
  • Doesn’t need to expose operators to potentially dangerous cutting hazards.
  • Can save money as pre-cut Starters & Trimmers are less expensive than the full face stone.
  • Doesn’t need to buy expensive diamond blades.
  • Can complete a project faster and cleaner with less waste.
  • Can create a project with a tailored and customized trimmed-out appearance around. doors, windows, fireplaces, interior corners and ceilings.

Custom Trim Stones, Keystones & Story Stones

Looking to accent your stone project? Ask King Quarry about Custom Cut Trim Stones and Key Stones. King Quarry also offers sills, hearths and custom stone surrounds in multiple colors and stone types. Ask for details.